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    “麻雀雖小,五臟俱全。”如何充分的利用好每一寸空間,卻又不會顯得低廉,設計師 謝承甫對此有自己獨特的見解。他認為設計師的作用就是將客戶夢想的概念轉變成客戶實際得以體驗的, 揣摩推敲客戶理想中的願景。通過不斷的與客戶交流,最終便是將零零散散的線索,整合到一起, 呈現出客戶心中那份獨特的美。






    As today’s housing prices remain unwaveringly high, it is worth celebrating to own a house for the younger generation. Therefore, small houses are especially suitable for younger people. “Small as the sparrow is, it possesses all its internal organs”, the designer Eagle Hsieh has a unique eye on how to properly maximize the use of each squire foot of the space but not seem cheap. He believes that a designer is there to transform a client’s dream concept into an experience and figure out the client’s vision through continuous communication, piecing together scattered clues, and realizing the unique beauty in client’s heart.

    The long narrow living room layout, through sectioning and proportioning the TV wall, it uses light color natural marble texture to demonstrate the dimension and magnificence of a stately home.

    By using different materials to section domains, the owner’s spot is appropriately defined. By integrating the TV wall, bedroom door, and the bathroom door in the open public domain, it not only enlarges the marble TV wall dimension but also solves the problem of which the bathroom door directly facing the front door.Three domains are connected: the front door, entrance, and the dining room. At the entrance, iron pieces, wood veneer, and lighting are adopted for display. The use of dining room space is maximized by incorporating the dining table and sideboard together. Because of the original structure of the building, the front door beam goes above the dining table. As a result, special metallic mirror is placed on top to minimize the pressure from a low ceiling beam with reflection.

    The unordinary material of the bed back wall in the master bedroom is inspired by the master’s interest in scuba diving. Therefore, the designer inserts coral reef images to make the client feels as if he is submerging in the ocean.

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